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The lodge has been in Dock's family for over 100 years. It is a farm house that has been modernized and has all the comforts of home plus more.You will find the lodge very clean and comfortable with five bedrooms and 3 baths. For those of you that enjoy sports and the hunting shows, we have satellite T.V., and in the yard we have a shooting range plus a clay target thrower.

Our meals here at Lily Pond consist of country cooking made in the true southern culture. First thing in the morning we have coffee and doughnuts. On the return of the morning hunt, you come back to a breakfast fit for a king. This breakfast also includes homemade biscuits. If you leave our table

hungry it will be your fault because there is always plenty of food and if we don’t have it just ask and we will fix it for you.

Dinner will be served after we return from the evening hunt and once again you will not go hungry. You are welcome to bring any special food items for yourself and there is a large refrigerator for your drinks.

Dinner will be served after we return from the evening hunt and Ernestine will come through again for you with some great country cooking. You definitely will not go hungry here, and don’t even try to steal Ernestine. It has been tried, and she is staying here.